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Hotel Facilities

Enhanced facilities in the facility for customer convenience

Exterior appearance



  • Front desk・lobby・shop・PC corner

Restaurant "Azumino"

  • Restaurant "Azumino"

Other facilities

  • Various facilities with enhanced convenience


  • There are various toilets for men and women, multi-purpose, and for disabled people.


  • There are 1st and 2nd parking lots (40 cars in total).

Conference・Banquet Hall

  • The bright and clean Western / Japanese / Western banquet hall can be used for meetings, banquets, celebrations, and justices.

Large banquet hall

Hotaka・Jonen・Ariake (Japanese-Western style room)【tatami・M2】185 square meters ・ 165㎡
【Capacity】102 people
Hotaka・Jonen (Japanese-Western style room)【tatami・M2】120 square meters, 107㎡
【Capacity】66 people
Jonen・Ariake (Japanese-Western style room)【tatami・M2】109 square meters, 97㎡
【Capacity】60 people
Open HoursFrom 9:00 to 22:00

Conference・Banquet hall Hotaka

Hotaka (Japanese-Western style room)【tatami・M2】76 square meters, 68㎡
【Capacity】42 people
Open HoursFrom 9:00 to 22:00

Conference・Banquet hall “Ariake”

Ariake (Japanese-Western style room)【tatami・M2】65 square meters, 58㎡
【Capacity】36 people
Open HoursFrom 9:00 to 22:00

Conference・Banquet Jonen

Jonen (Japanese-Western style room)【tatami・M2】43 square meters, 39㎡
【Capacity】24 people
Open HoursFrom 9:00 to 22:00

■Rental equipment usage fee (Tax included)

projector3,000 yen
screen3,000 yen
set5,000 yen
Billboard printing fee5,000 yen
  • *The above rates include service charges and consumption tax.
    *The capacity varies slightly depending on the table plan.
    *For cancellations and changes, a separate penalty will be charged depending on the due date.

●Rental list

  • At this facility, we rent items that are frequently requested by customers.
    If the item you want is listed below, please ask at the front desk.
    Note) Due to the limited number of items, we may not be able to meet your request for rental items.
  • wheelchair/trouser presser/Desk lamp/Mobile charger(For each company)/iron/cable/Wine opener/Ice bowl
    Memory foam pillow/Go/Shogi/Mahjong/thermometer/Sewing kit/Nail cutting/Bogie/geta(For going out)/booster

●Lunch for meetings (Tax・Same)

Makunouchi lunchFrom 1,200 yen
Coffee400 yen

●Banquet dishes

Kaiseki MealFrom 5,100 yen
  • *The above rates include service charges, consumption tax and seat charges.