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Various plan to relieve daily fatigue and rejuvenate

Overnight Stay, break, Banquet ... Various plan to feel healing

Miyamaso, with the goal of making customers feel healed,
We will provide hospitality that is unique to us.
Various plan are also special contents planned with such feelings.
Please feel free to use it.
  • Recommended break plan

    Miyamaso Miyamaso, we have a break plan that you can relax and relax at a reasonable price.
    Please refer to the plan list below and select the plan you want.
    • Leisurely day trip plan
      Towels are also available.

      Advantageous plan of break in private room + lunch box lunch + indoor bath bath set
      Would you like to easily relieve your daily fatigue and stress at a reasonable price using a hot spring?

      ・Meals are lunch boxes.
      ・Break time from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm
      ・Japanese-style room (Group is a banquet hall)
      ・The cooking menu varies depending on the season and the availability of ingredients.
      • plan details


        4,300 yen per person *Bathing fee is not included

        Number of passengers

        From 2 people

        Exclusion date

        No special period (Golden Week, New Year, Obon etc.)

        Service contents

        Rest in room + lunch box for lunch + bath (Indoor bath)

        plan name

        Leisurely day trip plan


        Not specified

        Limited Offer

        No limitation


    • Please make a reservation for this plan by phone.

  • Recommended banquet plan

    Miyamaso offers the best banquet plan according to your wishes.
    Please refer to the plan list below and select the plan you want.
    • Banquet Plan
      Banquet plan with benefits of hot spring bathing

      It is a banquet plan for kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients with the benefits of bathing in hot springs.
      It is content that you can be satisfied reasonably.
      Recommended for those who do not drink much, such as welcome and farewell parties, class parties, brothers' associations, etc., who emphasize cooking!

      Hot spring tax and drinks are not included in the price.
      Please contact us for more details on all-you-can-drink.
      • plan details

        Special Advantages

        With hot spring bath with towel
        6,100 yen 8,200 yen 10,400 yen Higher amounts available upon request.
    • Please make a reservation by phone for the above three plan.