Welcome to a relaxing and relaxing inn located on the beautiful Shinano Trail

Asama Onsen Shinshu Matsumoto, which has been popular as the back parlor of Shinshu Matsumoto from ancient times.
A view of the magnificent North Alps and a relaxing onsen will ensure a relaxing time.
A healing inn surrounded by the beautiful nature of Shinshu, “Miyamaso”.
We look forward to your use.

Noto Peninsula earthquake disaster

  •              To all those affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2020

                  Those affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2020,
                  We would like to express our deepest sympathies to his family and those involved.
                  We pray for the earliest possible recovery and reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas.

                                         All Miyamaso staff

JJB 10th Anniversary Concert featured in MG Press

  • JJB MSKITO BAND held a concert to celebrate its 10th anniversary

    The commemorative concert of JJB, who has been helping us with the mini lobby concert, was featured in MG Press.
    At the end of this concert, Shigeru Komatsu graduated and the group changed its name from the initials of each member's name.
    MJB OLD STARS has become Matsumoto Jiiji Baaba OLD STARS

Traffic restrictions on National Route 254 (east side of Sanzaisan Tunnel)

  • Due to bridge construction, traffic restrictions will be implemented with one-way alternating traffic.

    Due to construction work, traffic restrictions will be in place, with alternating one-way traffic from Tuesday, May 7th to Saturday, November 30th, 2024.
    Waiting times due to traffic restrictions will be around 10 minutes, so please allow plenty of time when traveling.

Notice of lane restrictions due to Nagano Expressway renewal work

For customers using the route bus “Gurutto Matsumoto Bus”

  • We will guide you to the platform at Matsumoto Station Castle Exit (East Exit).

    Asama Line that comes to Asama Onsen runs from Matsumoto Station Castle Exit bus stop No. 23 without going through the bus terminal.
    Depending on the time, the Shin Asama Line will operate from bus stop 22.Click on the photo on the left for the timetable

    Cashless transportation payment available

    In addition to cashless payment using the conventional smartphone app ``Ticket QR'', you can also use ``Credit Touch Payment'' using a credit card.

    The brand is a credit card that supports touch payments (with Ripple mark).
    The five brands are Visa, American Express, JCB, Diners, and DISCOVER.

🍯 Shinshu pure honey 🍯

  • 3 products in the top 5 most popular items in Miyamaso shop!

    I asked why the honey in Miyamaso shop is so delicious.

    acacia ・ Apple ・ Soba noodles ・ One hundred nectar ・ Tochi
        There are 5 types of honey.

     The taste, aroma, and flavor are different.
     How about finding your favorite honey?

      If you are unable to come, please use mail order.

Mini-lobby concerts are popular

  • There are many customers who have written that they were very happy in reviews and surveys.

    Held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:00 p.m.

    21 (Tuesday) Couleur Duo Saxophone & Piano
    22 (Wednesday) MJB OLD STARS
    23 (Thursday) Yuko Noda Erhu
    28th (Tuesday) Akiko Miki piano and singing
    29 (Wednesday) Espresso
    30th (Thursday) Miyuki Hori Quena & Junko Iwasaki Piano

    4 (Tuesday) Kiyosumi Orii mandolin & Jun Munei guitar
    5 (Wednesday) Espresso
    6 (Thursday) Shinji Usui violin
    11 (Tuesday) MJB OLD STARS
    12 (Wednesday) Couleur Duo Saxophone & Piano
    13 (Thursday) Akiko Miki piano and singing
    18th (Tuesday) Kiyosumi Orii mandolin & Jun Munei guitar
    19 (Wednesday) Espresso
    20th (Thursday) Yuko Noda Erhu

Information on one-day hot springs

  • ♦ You can have a day trip hot spring ♦

    Relax and unwind in a day-trip hot spring

    Hours of use 11: 00-15: 00(Last reception until 14:00)

    Usage fee 700 yen for junior high school students and older, 350 yen for elementary school students
    We will give you a “one-day hot spring complimentary ticket” when you use it for the first time.
    If you show this card, it will be 600 yen for junior high school students and older, and 300 yen for elementary school students.

    We will be closed for a day trip to the hot springs the next day.

     May 3,Four,5th and 20th

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Miyamaso YouTube Channel

  • Watch the YouTube video.👈 Click

    Recently Posted Video

    ・Miyamaso Mini Lobby Concert espresso Piano & Percussion(20240515)
    ・Miyamaso Mini Lobby Concert: Kiyosumi Orii mandolin & Jun Munei guitar(20240514)
    ・Miyamaso Mini Lobby Concert Shinji Usui violin (20240509)
    ・Miyamaso Mini Lobby Concert MJB OLD STARS (20240508)
    ・JJB MSKITO BAND 10th Anniversary Concert(20240427)
    ・Mini lobby concert espresso piano & percussion (20240424)

Participation in the Matsumoto Eco Travel Project

  • We have finished installing toothbrushes in guest rooms.

     In order to promote the "one-way plastic reduction mission" set by Matsumoto City in November 2022, Miyamaso will make the "Matsumoto Eco Travel Declaration" together with Matsumoto City, and will proceed step by step toward its realization. did.
     As a first step, we finished installing toothbrushes in guest rooms on June 30, 2023.(Available free of charge at the front desk)
     When traveling to Miyamaso, please bring your own toothbrush.Please click the image on the left or the banner on the lower right for details of Matsumoto Eco-Tabi.

     We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

          Miyamaso manager and all employees

We ask our customers to lay out the futon in the Japanese-style room.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

Miyamaso introduces everyone's voices in the travel atreach

  •  If you are considering traveling, please refer to the posted popular sightseeing & outing spots

     This time, we will carry out a campaign to introduce users' Instagram posts on the Official website and media "Tabi Atreach"!
     Please post how you spent your time at Miyamaso -so and your memories with Miyamaso.

     In addition, we will only post posts with prior permission from our partner company, Social Id Co., Ltd., or with support from #Atreach.

    【Instagram account to contact you】

    【Tabi Atreach】

Introducing the popular products of the Miyamaso shop

Miyamaso Coronavirus Infectious Disease Prevention Measures

  • Thorough measures to prevent infectious diseases

     As the position of the new coronavirus under the Infectious Diseases Act has been changed to a category 5 infectious disease, the "Declaration of Promotion of New Corona Countermeasures" has ended.
     Along with this, Miyamaso so has relaxed some of the measures, but please be assured that we will continue to thoroughly implement the necessary infection prevention measures.

Information on accommodation reservations for Japan Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers members

Rakuten Travel Miyamaso reviews and customer feedback

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3-28-6 Asama Onsen, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture

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From JR Matsumoto Station Oshiroguchi Castle Exit (east exit) Matsumoto Bus Stop 23, take the Asama Line bus for 20 minutes, get off at Asama Onsen Bus Stop and walk 3 minutes

We recommend using the Gurutto Matsumoto Bus.
The unlimited ride ticket "Matsumoto One Day Pass" 800 yen is also within range.

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