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Honey mail order

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🍯Honey from Nagano Prefecture🍯

  • One hundred nectar
               Large bottle 1,200ℊ ¥ 4,000(Tax included)
               Pet 400g ¥ 1,500(Tax included)
               Small bottle    170g ¥ 980(Tax included)

    Nectar collected from various flowers that bloom on the land.
    The honey source is different depending on the season and location. Even if collected on the same land, the taste and aroma change depending on the flowering status of the year, so it is a honey that makes you feel nature more familiar.
  • Acacia honey
               Large bottle 1,200ℊ ¥ 4,800(Tax included)
               Pet 400g ¥ 1,800(Tax included)
               Small bottle    170g ¥ 1,200(Tax included)

    Also known as the Queen of Honey, it has an elegant, non-habiting flavor
    It features a refreshing taste.
    The viscosity is light and hard to harden
    Because it does not interfere with the taste of the food itself
    Excellent compatibility with hot cakes, toasts and yogurt.
    It is also recommended as a substitute for sugar for cooking and making sweets.
  • Apple honey
             Large bottle 1,200g ¥ 4,200(Tax included)
             Pet 400g ¥ 1,600(Tax included)
             Small bottle 170g ¥ 980(Tax included)

    Moderate acidity and rich taste.You can enjoy the fluffy apple scent.
    Please enjoy the fruity taste on ice cream and yogurt.
    It is recommended to enjoy.
    Also goes well with tea, herbal tea and cold drinks.
    It is easier to crystallize than other honeys.
  • Buckwheat honey
              Pet 400g ¥ 1,500(Tax included)
              Small bottle 170g ¥ 980(Tax included)

    It looks dark brown and has a strong scent, with a fragrant sweetness like brown sugar
    It has a slight bitterness and a unique flavor.
    It is a very honeyy taste and aroma, but it is very nutritious and contains a lot of minerals. It is especially recommended for women and people with anemia due to its high iron content.
  • Tochi honey
              400g pet    ¥ 1,800(Tax included)

     Tochi flowers bloom around May and bear fruit in autumn.Tochi's flowering time is long,
    The honey from this white flower is surprisingly refreshing.
     It is a honey that has no habit and goes well with anything, and has a sweet taste.
     It's delicious as it is over drinks, bread and yogurt.
    It makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients, so it is ideal as a secret ingredient for cooking.

how to order

  • We accept orders by phone or fax.
    Tel:(0263) 46-15479:00 to 20:00
    Fax:(0263) 46-7442  Available 24 hours

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