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GoTo campaign

  • About GOTO Travel Business

    Currently, the Go To Travel business is suspended.

    The timing for resuming the business is undecided.
    Based on the opinions of experts, the Japan Tourism Agency will reconfirm the infection status, etc., and then determine and implement the resumption time.
    As soon as the resumption time is decided, it will be announced on the Go To Travel Secretariat website, so please listen to the news and check.

For customers using the Go To campaign

  • In order to receive the discount for the GoTo Travel Campaign, it is necessary to enter the reservation information from the "STAYNAVI" site and issue a discount coupon after making a room reservation on the hotel's website.
    Please go to the STAY NAVI service (external website) from the discount coupon issue page below to apply for the accommodation discount for the GoTo Travel Campaign.(You need to first register and then register as a member, such as your email address and personal information.)
    After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI to the front desk.
    *We recommend that you print out the discount coupon and bring it with you.Also, if you cannot print, please show a screenshot of the coupon screen at the front desk.

    ・The campaign has a budget and discounts may not apply when the budget is over.Please understand.
  •                          Click the image above to register for StayNavi!

Subsequent application for refund

  • If you have already booked for a trip ending by August 31, you will need to apply for it yourself after the trip to receive the GoTo Travel Campaign refund.

    The following documents are required for application.
    ① Subsequent refund application(Form No. 1)
    ②Documents showing payment details(Receipt with payment details, payment details, etc.)
    ③ Accommodation certificate(Information that includes information such as name, date of stay, number of guests)
    ④ Account confirmation(For travelers)(Form No. 2)
    ⑤Documents that can confirm the account number(Copy of passbook,Copy of cash card, etc.)
    ② and ③ will be prepared at this facility.Please contact the front desk.
    *Application period is from August 14th to September 14th

    For details, please see the following link (Japan Tourism Agency website).