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We introduce the attractions Miyamaso

Miyamaso is Kamikochi located for visiting Shinshu's famous places such as Kamikochi, Utsukushigahara Kogen, and Azuminodaira.
Please see the scenery and Shinshu Matsumoto tourist information around Shinshu Matsumoto from Miyamaso
  • Matsumoto event calendar

    Please check the event information of Matsumoto City below.
  • scenery

    • View of the North Alps from the rooftop

      This facility is located in Asama Onsen, the back room in Shinshu Matsumoto.
      Some rooms offer views of the North Alps.
  • Tour from Miyamaso

    • Depart from Miyamaso! Easy Kamikochi direct flight tour

      It is a tour of the travel agency Travel Plaza, which is a partner of Miyamaso.

      It is convenient because it is from Miyamaso.
      Must-see for everyone coming by JR / high-speed bus! You can get off at Matsumoto Station on your way back.
      Private cars can also leave their cars.

      In the future, we plan to add a tour of Mt Norikuradake and Azumino.

      Please offer the tour until 17:00 the day before.It may not be accepted due to full cars.Thank you for understanding in advance.

      For more information on tours, please see the "Travel Travel Plaza" website.
  • Tourist information

    • National Treasure Matsumoto Castle

      It is designated as a national treasure as a historical cultural heritage,
      It is the oldest wooden castle tower in Japan as a five-story sixth-floor castle tower.
      Because the castle was built in preparation for a gun battle,
      The black and white colors of the black lacquered Shimosaka and the white plaster walls are beautifully harmonized.
    • National Treasure Former Kaichi School

      Former Kaichi School Kaichi School is a school building with a Western-style architecture in the early Meiji era, which was built in 1876 in the Chuo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture of Chuo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Chuo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, and then relocated to Kaichi Chuo, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.It is widely known as a building that represents elementary school architecture in the civilization era.Former Kaichi School building was designated as a national treasure for the first time as a modern Former Kaichi School building in 2019.
    • Mt Norikuradake

      Mount Mt Norikuradake, located at the southern tip of the North Alps, is a dormant volcano with an altitude of 3026m.
      Near the summit is the world of silver until around June 1 when the mountain opens,
      Summer skiing is possible in Daisekkei (snowy gorge). Wild vegetable picking in spring,
      During the rainy season, Takayama plants bloom, waterfalls along the mountain stream, etc.
      You can enjoy nature walks throughout the year.
    • Mt Kirigamine

      Mt Kirigamine with Mt Washigamine and Mt.
      There is an observatory at the Mt Kurumayama Summit of the Mt Kurumayama Summit, and you can take the summer lift.
      In the gentle plateau, Nikkokisuge and Astragalus azalea,
      As a highland wetland, in the Yashimagahara Marsh, which is the southern limit of Japan,
      You can also enjoy many kinds of Takayama plants, skiing and hangriders.
    • Kamikochi

      Kamikochi, one of the most natural in Japan,
      Elevation 3000m class of Hotaka Mountain Range and Mt Yakedake, has been surrounded by the name peak, such as Mt Kasumizawadake
      Taisho Pond Mt Yakedake was flowing caused by a large explosion debris flow was Deki by damming the Azusa River,
      There is Kappa Bridge, which appears in the novel “Kappa” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa Kappa Bridge.
    • Rokuzan Art Museum

      The Rokuzan Art Museum is a church-style building with red bricks and ivy.
      The works centered around the work of Rokuzan Ogiwara, who was active in the Meiji era and was called "The Rodin Orient".
      Service work for local teachers, high school students, junior high school students, etc.
      A warm art museum born with the support of more than 299,100 people.
    • Azumino

      Azumino is a plain countryside in Azumino City, located next to Matsumoto City.
      Water is clean and the amount of wasabi grown is the best in Japan.
      There are many museums, museums and memorials, and you can enjoy visiting the museums.
      There are also many small and unique coffee shops, soba shops, restaurants,
      It is one of the most popular sightseeing spots and villas in Nagano Prefecture, and many tourists come from inside and outside the prefecture.